Butter History

All of my life  I have struggled with hyper pigmentation and sensitive
skin. I could never find products that would keep my skin moisturized
while helping to even the tone of my hyper pigmentation. Over the
years I have tried so many different products and I could never find
anything that worked. After researching ingredients, I finally found
the secret!

Cocoa Butter is the key! When we use cocoa butter on our skin it
creates a protective barrier over our skin that will lock moisture
within our skin while creating a balance in your skin tone. The Cocoa
Butter, Shea butter, almond oil, coconut oil & Vitamin E will work
together simultaneously to not only moisturize your skin but these
ingredients have also been known to heal, soften and improve the blood flow throughout the skin.

We have to live with our skin for the rest of our life. Why not invest
in taking care of it. Let’s work together to keep not only your skin
healthy but lets teach ourselves to love the skin that were in.

Starsheena Anderson